Testimony from Melissa

I started off 2013 with having lost someone very close to me, a failed PhD, living apart from my husband for a year in pursuit of the PhD and recovering from a head injury which left me with lots of pain, and suffering from panic attacks. On the back drop of that my childhood has been marred with constant rejection and I basically saw most of my life through the lenses of rejection.

I just got a new job and was hoping that this would turn things around. We had to move cities for the job. The job turned out to be terrible, I hated everything about it and of course all the other issues were all still there. By the end of 2013 I was in the beginning stages of a break down, depressed, anxious about everything and suicidal, wishing every day that I could just die, this seemed the only way out for me.

By God’s grace and strength, I managed to call Olga just in the nick of time and started counselling sessions. At first things went slow – probably because I just wanted to get “fixed”, but I had to learn to trust the process and God’s work in it. This is where healing began for me and I found new hope. The counselling helped me to see what the real issues in my life were, how I was responding to that and why. There were many things that I took as truth that were merely lies. It was also a time of being really close to God and getting hope from Him. We had 2 TPM (Theophostic Prayer Ministry) sessions where God came through in a miraculous way and released me from the pain of rejection and I was also able to forgive someone who had hurt me deeply. This was coupled with Olga giving me tools that helped me deal with life and a healthy way of dealing with situations when they arise. I was willing to do the work it took to change and I think this is really important for anyone who is going to counselling – be willing, keep going, keep going – Hope and a future await you!!

I am no longer depressed or suicidal, I am able to cope with life much better now that I have tools to do so and don’t feel like everything and everyone is rejecting me, and if someone does reject me – it does not feel like my world is ending. This has been an incredible journey and I am grateful to God for carrying me through this victoriously.
God has already used my situation in a way that I’ve been able to reach out to others. He has shown me that He is God and He can do anything. Coming out on the other side of this has made me know God’s presence so close, his love and care- so amazing. I thank God for using people like Olga – I am so grateful for her obedience to God.

“Be encouraged”

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