My testimony of the miracle that happened last night.

I’ve been attending a prophetic course on tues evenings with Olga. It’s been magnificent and I’ve been able to give and receive wonderful words.

Last night Olga told me to sit in the middle as God had laid me on her heart and everyone had to prophesy over me. I got amazing words and then Olga says, ‘I feel like we need to do a prophetic act. Everyone hand Melissa whatever cash you may have on hand, and put it in her hand, and just know that you’re not getting it back’ they came one by one and handed over R10s, 20s, 50s, 100s. Then one lady walks outside and comes back inside with an envelope, gives it to Olga and whispers something in her ear. Olga hands me the envelope.

I put my hands in my head and I just sob. Olga says ‘this is seed Melissa, God wants you to know that He is your provider. You’ve been worrying about Jaime and his job and God will perform miracles of provision for you and Jaime.’ She then went on to say she saw oil being poured out all over me, and God’s anointing is on me for ministry and He’s going to do big things through me. I just felt HIS embrace around me and His lavish love.

One lady handed me a R100 note and she said, that she had checked her wallet earlier in the day and she had no cash. Then when Olga said to give me money, God said to her, give Melissa what’s in your wallet. She said ‘it’s empty Lord?’ But she went and checked and there it was!

Then at the end, another lady pushed R10 in my hand. She’d already given me a R20. She said They’ve been in debt but God told her to give everything she had in her wallet, so she wanted to be obedient.

When I got home, I opened the envelope and counted all the money I had been given. There was R3200 in the envelope and the rest of the money made up R3500 exactly.

Now, this is the EXACT amount I was worried about Jaime getting for a job he’s doing in Polokwane this week and it was looking like they may underpay him.

Also the lady who handed me the envelope…She said when she left her car to come inside to the course, she knew that money was for someone there tonight and it’d be the exact amount needed. 

I had been so concerned for this month and the months to come bcoz even though Jaime potentially may stay on at Clipping point, they only pay enough to cover our direct debits and he had no freelance work.

I am astounded at Gods goodness!!!! He he he!!! Wow! I am absolutely so amazed at His kindness! I love how God uses the communities we’re in to lavishly bless us ❤️🎉

How’s that for a testimony????!!!!!

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