On the 18th of September 2016 our dear father went to be with Lord. I was 35 years old and he was 63 years. In so many ways the Lord prepared me for his departure so much that from the time that we were told that he passed, to the process of doing the paperwork to the day that he was finally laid to rest it was a breeze.

The challenge came with returning to normal life and I remember on the drive home back to Midrand from the airport I cried like a baby realising that my father would never see my new car and the new home that we had purchased. Those were tumultuous months with ups and downs, good days and bad days. I finally decided after 3 months that I wanted to go for grief counselling.

I went to see Olga at The Sanctuary. She had been my counsellor through depression and marital challenges in the past and had assisted me in making jumps and leaps and changes that I NEVER thought were possible. I do not have words to describe what I experienced through this counselling. God used Olga to take me to a place of peace that I had never fathomed. We did not have many sessions but to this day I find myself ministering to those in a similar situation and sharing experiences and questions and answers that I was able to get during those sessions. I thank God for Olga and the manner in which God has used her in my life to bring much needed healing and restoration. To those who have lost their father Psalm 68:5 …. You have tapped into a higher and more powerful place with God the Father.


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Hello I’m Olga, “Only a moment to live this life, like shooting stars burning up the night. Till Heaven’s opened and we arrive.” – Cory Asbury, Endless Alleluia. I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey of being “like shooting stars burning up the night” making our lives count for all eternity. We can make a difference and influence the world around us.

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