I started the mentorship programme last year with Olga and two other ladies. From the start till date I experienced some serious personal challenges in my life that made the process and doing the homework almost impossible. I was in an emotional roller coaster week by week and I thank the Lord for the Ebenezar moment of where I am today.

From day 1 when we had to do the Vision Board for homework to all the thought provoking homework I have seen my life shift from being a victim to being a conqueror! I thank God for the experience and the leaps I have taken in my life as not only a mother and a wife but as a daughter of the most HIGH God. This programme instilled HOPE in my life and made me find myself in a way that I never thought imaginable.

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Hello I’m Olga, “Only a moment to live this life, like shooting stars burning up the night. Till Heaven’s opened and we arrive.” – Cory Asbury, Endless Alleluia. I’d like to invite you to join me on this journey of being “like shooting stars burning up the night” making our lives count for all eternity. We can make a difference and influence the world around us.

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