The Risk & Reward of Vulnerability

My name is Donné Proctor, married to the most wonderful man with a heart after God’s own, no kids just yet. My husband and I recently relocated to Johannesburg from the South Coast of KZN two months ago and in a nutshell, it was the result of the Lord doing some life-changing work in our lives.

We left all familiarity and fond memories behind and took the step of obedience to where we felt like the Lord was leading us. The Lord was not and has not been far from us in this time, in fact, we’ve felt His hand of blessing, provision, and protection over us in abundant ways.

Two months into this new adventure, it’s safe to say that the novelty of all newness has worn off and now we are needing to get stuck into community, church, and life here in this season. Man is that easier said than done!

That brings me to the topic of this blog and a topic of my own heart recently as I’ve needed to not only be vulnerable with my God as He leads us into absolutely unknown territory but also vulnerable with the people He has surrounded us with, even though they are total strangers!

Isn’t that just the most uncomfortable thought? Being VULNERABLE with STRANGERS! We have recently joined a new church in Fourways and really have enjoyed it. We are no longer the brand new visitors to the church and have started to recognize faces and even know names, but yet I still feel like an outsider because I have no real relationship with any of these people.
So there I stood, surrounded by people but feeling very alone. I suddenly began to feel very exposed and shy and almost a little frustrated that no one had come to talk to me, the newcomer! I went home, in tears, explaining my emotions to my husband. He then suggested, “Well, why don’t YOU approach someone and greet them and find out more about them ?”.
Of course, I was extremely frustrated that he would suggest that, I, the lonely newcomer, had to initiate the conversation! I mean what I ridiculous idea, right?
Or so I thought.
Just a few days ago I was chatting to a dear lady whose family has been very welcoming to Kev & I, and she suggested the same thing. Again I thought to myself, “Really? Newcomers now have to introduce themselves!?”.
But my justification of me, the damsel in distress, was not enough and this issue has relentlessly stayed on my heart. Until I let the idea of what they had both suggested, really sink in. In order for me to be open enough to go and introduce myself, I had to be able to vulnerable and let my guard down enough to potentially let others in. I desired community and friendship but was unwilling to stretch my hand out and let others see that.
So I asked the Lord, “But why do I need to do this? Why is the onus on me ?”. And so I searched the scriptures and found the answer I feel the Lord gave.

2 Cor 12 v 9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..”.

Not only do we believe that the Lord brought us to Johannesburg, but we fully believe that He has placed us in that church for this season as well. That means those people are the community and potential friendships that God has intentionally surrounded us with. If I will just let myself be vulnerable to those people and trust that my God’s power is made perfect in my weakness and vulnerability. He will bring those intended friendships to fruition if I will just trust Him and stretch my hand out!

There is always the risk of rejection or things not working out the way we thought they would. Or the absolute cold sweat that comes over us as we imagine “putting ourselves out there”. But there is also the reward of what God has planned for us if we will just look at His power and not at our weakness in those key moments. Not everyone we encounter will be our best friend, and that’s okay too.
Be vulnerable with your God because He loves and cares for you. Be vulnerable with those He has surrounded you with because we need community, and as much as we may need friendship and relationship, so does everyone else around us.
I do not want to let my pride stand in the way of what God has pre-ordained for me, any longer!
I hope you won’t either.

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