I have been reflecting and praying about a lot of issues lately. God brought to mind my interview on SABC 2 about The Sanctuary. He then reminded me about a chat with Sue Jameson, a Joy Activist and Laughter Coach on a show called the Joy Ride on the radio. Recently my husband Vincent (of almost 35 years) and I appeared as a guest couple on another show on SABC 3 called ” Saving Our Marriage”. We received such positive feedback and affirmation. It was thrilling to see how God used that airing and our insert to speak to different people.
It got me thinking about the honour and privilege of the “Platform” that God had given us to bring influence, healing, and change. That platform for some of us can be overt and in the limelight or it can be an unseen, almost invisible one.

What is the definition of a platform? It is” a place of opportunity or position, a place to share principles, views, and beliefs”.

So that brings me to the second P: Position.

If we accept the above definition, then it does not matter what our position is in the Body of Christ. Whether we are pastors, elders, deacons, apostles, prophets, teachers, whether we are the tea makers,  the car park guards, the stay at home mums or the working mums, whether we are the corporate businessmen and women or the student, we all are placed where we can share our values and beliefs. We all have a platform.

As I have been praying I sense God saying that the platform and position come from our posture before Him. A posture of one that kneels at His feet and is still in His presence, totally surrendered to Him. Fruit comes from our intimacy with Him. The more intimate our relationship, the more we hear from Him and the more we know Him. He wants us to be a showcase for His glory.

“Your gifting will take you a lot of places, but your character and intimacy with the Lord is your anchor that will keep you there.” Lana Vawser.

I sense God saying to His people:

” Come to sit at my feet, my children. Lift up your hands in total surrender. Come deeper into my presence. I want you to know me more, to hear me in ways you have not experienced before. See all that I have put in you, all that I will do in your life. Surrender all to me”.

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